Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Boehner accuses Reid of shutting government and calling vets pay a ‘waste of time’

No, I’m not kidding.

Actual e-mail sent out by Cheeto-Dick:

What does Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) think of bipartisan legislation – approved by the Senate Armed Services Committee by a vote of 22-4 – to support our troops and strengthen our national security?  He says it’s “a waste of time.”
Really?  First, President Obama threatened to veto the House defense authorization bill supporting our troops unless we increase funding for agencies like the IRS and EPA.  Then a large majority of House Democrats voted against the troops bill for the same reason – to try and extract more non-defense spending.  And now, the Senate Minority Leader says considering the bipartisan defense authorization bill is “a waste of time.”  If that’s the case, a few questions are in order:
  • Do Democrats believe it’s “a waste of time” to support a pay raise for our troops?
  • Do Democrats believe it’s “a waste of time” to fully fund our national defense at the exact level the president requested?
  • Do Democrats believe it’s “a waste of time” to keep terrorist detainees out of the United States?
  • Do Democrats believe it’s “a waste of time” to reinforce the mission to defeat ISIL?
  • Do Democrats believe it’s “a waste of time” to stand up to Putin and provide lethal aid to our ally Ukraine?
  • Do Democrats believe it’s “a waste of time” to strengthen our cyber defenses?
  • Do Democrats believe it’s “a waste of time” to increase our missile defense capabilities?
One of the people’s highest priorities is making sure our troops have what they need to get the job done.  That’s why House Republicans have passed a strong national defense bill.
Democrats may believe it’s a “waste of time” to support our troops in harm’s way.  They may believe that it’s OK to use our troops as pawns to try and extract more spending for the IRS or EPA, but the American people don’t.  Instead of making a political statement, President Obama and his party should put politics aside and support a strong defense bill worthy of our men and women in uniform.  Supporting our troops and their families isn’t a “waste of time.”

Now for the reality:

There isn’t a sane fucking person in the world who thinks it’s Democrats that have been causing government shut-downs, when Republicans have repeatedly admitted it to be their own tactic, and a bad one… that they’re happy as hell to repeat!
Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN): “To try to change a law that was central to the president’s agenda was not something that was achievable” [Fox News Sunday, 10/13]
Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH): “Well, I believe the defunding strategy was a failing strategy from the beginning. It’s not something that I supported. …  I think it’s time for conservative problem solvers to move forward, to govern the nation, to get things done. That’s what Ronald Reagan did. And I think that’s what we need to do as a party.” [CBS’s Face the Nation, 10/13]
But what Harry Reid called a “waste of time” is NOT paying vets. It’s the 21-hour speech of Ted Cruz. The actual quote:
"With all due respect, I’m not sure we learned anything new,” Reid said after Cruz’s speech ended. “It’s been interesting, but it has also been a big waste of time.” 
Republicans are the ones calling veterans bills too expensive, and for killing veterans bills, and Obama has had to veto bills to protect them from Republicans’ slashing!
Does Boehner really think these blatant lies work for him?
Because I’m going to damned well make sure they don’t.