Saturday, June 20, 2015

Operation: No More Mr. Nice Liberal


Immediately Brian Fischer has said the exact fucking thing you knew some bullshit sonofabitch would say. There needed to be guns in that church.
I know FoxNews keeps forgetting to tell you this, but it was A BLACK CHURCH. I guess he forgot what happens when a black man has merely a toy gun:


No, Brian, having a gun in church IS an attack on Christianity. That fucking book said, in case you don’t remember, that Christianity was about “beating swords into plowshares” and not fighting. It takes zero faith to have a gun and shoot your enemy. It takes faith to invite a white man into your black church because you’re all inclusive, and being killed for it.
DON’T FUCKING TELL ME ABOUT GUNS. Beside, didn’t you hear? Fox has already declared it TOO SOON to talk about guns in the wake of Charleston, and damn you Obama for even doing it.
How interesting? I’m guessing those talking about gun control are “politicizing” this, but FoxNews is not? Except no. Fox is, and gun control people are trying to prevent the next tragedy, not trying to politicize this one. Get it right.
You want to see change? You want to see gun control finally being discussed? Here’s what you do.
Blacks, get together, get all the guns you can, and get thee to the nearest KKK meeting. Open fire and kill as many fucking bigots you can. Call it Operation: No More Mr. Nice Nigger.
Gays, get all the guns you can. Get thee to Westboro and anti-gay organizations, and open fire on the bigots. Call it Operation: No More Mr. Nice Faggot.
Muslims, get all the guns you can. Get thee to the churches that just waved guns in front of your mosque, and don’t even use them. Just hold them up and call it Operation: No More Mr. Nice Towelhead.
Show them the very thing they fear most. They have never meant guns for all as a human right. They’ve only ever meant guns for all white people. Show them guns can get into your hands and be used against them.
See how quickly we get some fucking gun control in this fucking country.
Please don’t actually do this. All I’m saying is that this is the only thing that would bring actual change, because the only thing these pieces of shit ever do is out of hate, and that’s the only way they’d ever make change. Out of hate. Out of feeling they are the victims.
Look how much they avoid saying ‘black’ in talking about Charleston. No, it’s the Christians who are the victims, despite the shooter saying he was there to shoot black people. Look how quickly gun owners are the victim, and not the black people who didn’t own guns and were actually killed. Look how quickly white gun-waving fuckers in Phoenix pretended to be the victims while standing outside of a mosque and actually hurting the 1st Amendment religious rights of Islam.
Don’t give me that shit. You are not the victim. You keep saying you want to take the country back. Back from whom? You’re the ones making all the hate happen. You’re in control. You’re the privileged. When blacks have a gun (or don’t even have one) they’re “thugs” and when a Muslim does something he’s a “terrorist” but when a white fucker has a gun and actually kills people? We have to focus on “mental illness.” Awww. And he’s taken alive. PRIVILEGE, BITCH.
Stop crying about how gun control only takes guns from the law abiding, when that’s not true at all. I notice you have no ideas. You just keep dismissing all other ideas as just taking guns from law abiding people. That’s not what’s proposed. That’s just your stupid ass dismissal of all actual ideas.
If you would stop making gun owners the victims, you need to become the victims. Notice you’re never the ones shot. You’re just the ones crying because we’re coming for your guns (although we never do). Quit your crying.
You’re the ones we need to take the country back from, assholes.