Sunday, September 21, 2014

Farcebook asks “businesses” about its policy. Why ask people? Because they don’t matter.

The drag queen name policy of Facebook has come to its final conclusion. Facebook will be deleting all drag queen accounts and demanding “real names” of all its users in less than two weeks, and that’s their final answer.

So Facebook decided it wanted a poll to back up its decision, and that poll is to ask businesses. And that’s hysterical. Why not ask people? Oh yes, people don’t provide Facebook with profits. He doesn’t sell your private information to regular people to make his billions. He sells that to businesses. So he really can’t pretend that he cares about your protection at all.

Yeah, Facebook says that it’s to protect its users, but let us all remember that Google+ had the same debate and chose the opposite. Google decided it can’t protect you from people faking themselves online. Only you really can do that. But that name forcing can and does absolutely expose you online to people who you might want to avoid. And it’s absolutely true.

Telling you that you cannot have a separate account, and that you must use the one on your birth certificate, means a lot of negative things for you that are definite, but not one of them truly protects you. I will list you some reasons here:

  1. To insist you use an ID to support your identity claim is faulty. I can get a fake ID and use it, so this doesn’t keep criminals off Facebook. Unless Facebook plans on going through databases of states, which is such a violation of privacy that it’s absolutely absurd.
  2. To insist you can only have on account ties you absolutely to that one account and all that happens on it. You cannot do what everyone on the planet with any intelligence does, and that’s separate your business life from your personal life. Let’s not pretend that businesses search online media to research you when you file for a job. A proven fact. But they also do so when you already work for them. Many have already been fired from their jobs because of something they’ve posted on Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Facebook pretends to be supportive of what are laughingly called “alternative genders,” imageby giving a list of 50 ways to answer the question of your gender. Here’s the problem. If it were truly supportive of the rights of gender queer individuals, these people would know that it’s still legal in 29 states to fire someone for being gay. In fact, it’s legal to do so in all states if you choose to target an individual because they’re gay, and push to find an alternative reason. So Facebook doesn’t give a shit about you at all.
  4. The policy is also potentially racist. After all, what qualifies as a ‘real name?’ What if your name is something of a different language? Is it not a real name because it’s not Bob or Peter or Sarah or Michelle? The name I used, Ray RedSpider, was declared a fake name by them, and they made my middle name claim, Bear, into my last name without even asking me! And then they canned my account insisting that Ray Bear, which I never claimed, wasn’t my real name! No fucking shit, Shirlock! I TOLD YOU IT WASN’T!!! So if you’re not named something American/English culture calls a common name, you have to prove yourself? It also instead I couldn’t have a capital letter in the middle of my last name (RedSpider) because apparently no real last name has ever had such a thing. Just as any McDonald, or O’Reilly or St. Clair family member. Seriously, Facebook!!! You don’t realize your absolute moronic stance isn’t even remotely consistent or realistic???
  5. One friend, who is of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, brought up a beautiful point about how insulting this is. Accordingly, being a drag queen and using her drag name (which she’s more known and famous by than her birth-certificate name, so it’s not like she’s hiding at all) apparently puts her under suspicion of Facebook for being a potential child molester or sexual offender. That’s absurd. If you plan on raping kids, the best way to do that, we all already know, is to become a priest! Not to call everyone’s attention to your gender identity that’s already considered ‘alternative.’ Everyone already knows that if you want to prey on kids, you do it by hiding as a normal, uninteresting individual, which is why you never hear of people raped by an overt, out and proud, already suspicion-showered drag queen! Try your local church and youth ministry.
  6. Again, as it’s been pointed out time and again, many of us would rather never again be located  by members of our families because they are abusive relationships. Facebook can’t effectively protect you from child molestation by canning drag queens, but it absolutely, positively DOES expose you to the people you’re trying to avoid by making you use that name online. Absolutely, guaranteed, 100% exposes you to your employer’s pryings. Absolutely, positively declares you untrustworthy for your alternative gender identity. This isn’t even debatable. The protection Facebook claims to be giving, however, is.

But then, all Facebook cares about is profits. Or it wouldn’t be asking businesses. And if businesses should overwhelmingly tell Facebook that it finds the policy absurd, then Facebook will change its policy, right? Well, we’ll see. Because that poll is OVERWHELMINGLY against the ‘real name’ policy!

(Results as of 10:20pm PT, Sept. 21, 2014)

So the answer now is, does Facebook care, or is it just out for profits from selling your personal information? Is it only interested in being a megalomaniacal business that runs your life? Will they refuse their godlike stance of owning your identity and demanding what you can or cannot be called? Ball’s in your court, Zuckerberger. I’ll be leaving Facebook by October 1st and leaving only my fan page for those who want to find me, unless you come to your senses. It clearly seems that nobody is on your side except for a tiny few. Have fun with 6% of your present base.

And say hey to Tom of MySpace for me. I haven’t talked to him in forever. Neither has anybody else.

I’m so lonely!

UPDATE: Someone posted this excellent picture that’s now going around on Facebook. I mean how much more do these idiots need to hear before they actually give this fucking thing thought?