Sunday, March 30, 2014

Because science is so… meh… or something?

If there’s anything that better demonstrates the non-intelligence of design, it’s how humanity itself chooses its mates to reproduce. Idiocracy demonstrated that beautifully. Humanity just can’t stop wrecking itself. If only we showered the sciences as much as we do….. stupidity! Two great examples:

cant have nice things

In this instance, girrrrl, you do realize that science gave you that cell phone you love to use so much, right? Whereas the douchebags you drool over will only give you STDs. Before anybody thinks I’m being misogynist (and tell me I’m wrong here), this is absolutely a problem for both genders, and guys get even dumber!

cant have nice things2

That’s right, science gave her the boobies you can’t stop drooling over, guys.

People, we really do need to do better than this.