Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Special Kind of Butthead

And on Twitter, @MYirrell demonstrates a special kind of stupidity, involving a tactic that he seems to think is going to work magic on us. And it's not working.

This is when I came in...

The meanings of the words know and believe are not up for debate. If you insist you know that which you merely believe, you are not scoring your religion any points. You are, instead, showing your religion to be one of extreme delusion and condescension, and one deserving of the ridicule it receives. And you ruin your own merit and ability to lecture anybody else about refutation by assertion when that's ALL you were doing here.

But it's been real, and you can go suck your Jesus now. Eat a big clit, you useless, pathetic, sanctimonious sack of recycled lube and wasted flesh.