Monday, September 23, 2013

HOMOSEXUALS!!! Now is the time of our carnage!!!

This insidious plot was posted by my friend, William Brown, who's a great stand-up comedian as you can see from his YouTubes... I had to share it here:
--------My Agenda as a Homosexual to ruin America:
  1. Openly express myself however I wish. It harms no one, but it makes me and those like me more visible. ---
  2. Openly express my love for my husband. We may be discriminated against when it comes to marriage, but no one can stop us from being in love, being together, and being honest with the world. ---
  3. Set a positive example for those who might to be afraid to do items 1 and 2. I will continue to encourage them to love themselves more, and to not be afraid of living the life they want.---
  4. I will continue to be a driving force against those who fight equality with lies, distortions, and delusions. Unproven facts, and outright lies should not be tolerated in any form when it comes to equality. I will also keep in mind that this applies to *both* sides of the issue. Equality will be hallow if malicious methods are used in obtaining it.---
  5. Forgive those who realize how hurtful and malicious they have been by educating them to the best of my ability. ---
    That's about it. Who's with me?