Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Twitter Gods have Smoted Me

My Twitter account, @BibleAsshole, is currently suspended, most likely on account of the wrath of an angry God who smites those who tweet heresy. I know, I'm kidding. Actually, Twitter hasn't really explained to me the reason for it. Something about copyright, which isn't making any sense to me because I only get a robot response so far.

I can tell you one thing, if Twitter is going to become bitchier and more censorship-manic than Facebook, I can do without it anyway. It was fun, but it's also the most ADHD and bizarre type of social networking I know. And that's saying something.

There was one Christard who tweeted something about "Everybody go report @BibleAsshole!" and if enough of these shitnuggets can band together to keep a Palin on Dancing with the Stars, then I'm pretty sure they can get me banned from Twitter easily as well. You know the type. AFA people who pretend that they're being oh-so-persecuted when networks won't run their latest "documentary" about Jebus and shit, but they are constantly trying to get opposing views shut down, or boycotting Home Depot and JC Penney, and so forth.

Whatevs. If you guys think you can keep me off the web, keep trying. I'll be here doing what I do, and humping your sacred texts like a rabid bunny, no matter how much it makes your baby Jebus cry. And since there is no actual god paying attention to anything, then I've nothing to fear.

Except maybe a crazy religious right wacko with a gun or something.