Friday, September 20, 2013

Please learn what evolution is, and what it isn't

Some definitions would destroy stupidity if people actually knew them.

Anti-evolution people need to realize evolution is a fact just as gravity is a fact. To say it's just a theory is to downplay the fact of gravity as well. Theory is the knowledge about a factual thing, not a crazy guess. Gravitational Theory is man's most supreme explanation for all that involves the fact of gravity and why it works, just as Evolutionary Theory is man's supreme explanation for the fact of evolution.

Before you start going, B-b-b-b-but you don't have proof of a bird giving birth to a turtle! you need to remember to use the proper definition of evolution before you can even discuss this without making me want to beat the shit out of you.

Evolution is defined in science exactly as thus: the change of allele frequencies within the population of a species over time as measured in generations. Evolution doesn't explain where life began, or biogenesis. Evolution leads to the population eventually becoming a species considerably different than the ancestors from which they came, and this is called speciation. Evolution also isn't something a single being does. I'm not going to evolve wings in my lifetime. I was born with certain genes and will have them all my life. My allele frequencies cannot change. The population of a species evolves over generations, not a single being.

Nor does evolution have anything to do with tragic losses of life due to disaster. When the asteroid hit earth and dinosaurs went extinct, that wasn't due to evolution. There's a difference between the change of a population's allele frequencies and just all those alleles disappearing in a big boom. So when you say that it's okay to pollute and destroy our planet because, hey, evolution baby! You're actually ending evolution, not promoting it, and basically acting like the asteroid, not a natural stimuli that will cause evolution.

Evolution isn't about survival of the supreme species over lesser ones. That's called Eugenics, and it was a concept supported not by evolutionists, but Adolf Hitler, who was a Christian and thought he was doing God's work. God in all the myths pick favorites, but evolution does not. Evolution doesn't judge supreme from lesser or you wouldn't be here. Evolution's tool of Natural Selection (and it's not the only tool it has) is called such because there is no intention or judge. Nature selects by chance, not by preference. And nature has selected for diversity, not supremacy. Not because 'inferior' traits need to be extinguished (they probably won't be, and will often reappear anyway, just as some things skip generations and are carried recessively by parents with a different phenotype). But because diversity is needed for a species to survive any big tragedy that comes. Like that asteroid. Or a plague.

Evolution also isn't proof that competition is good for us. In fact, most evolving happens when species attempt to avoid competition. You see, evolution has to happen in surviving species. The one that was naturally selected out doesn't evolve, nor does the species that dies from tragedy. When species have to compete, they both lose. Say two predators suddenly fight over prey, like two lions over a single gazelle. Who wins when the lions fight? The gazelle. He gets to get away. Maybe. But the two lions will suffer because of the loss of resources that must be shared with the other predator. One lion doesn't survive to pass on superior traits and make a line of super lions. He might survive, but only from luck in a fight, not from being superior, and now he's hungry because the gazelle got away.

Darwin didn't say the finches changed so they could compete. He said they changed to find different food to avoid competition. Evolutionists know that specialization, or the superiority of a single way, doesn't survive nearly as well as generalization, or an ability to do a little here and a little there. Because if a being specializes only in a certain type of food, and that food disappears, what happens? Exactly.

Evolution doesn't create supreme species, or you'd expect by now that species would be perfect and invincible by now. In fact, species that get too strong kill themselves out by quickly killing off their food supply because of their overpopulation (something Darwin even understood thanks to Linnaeus). If anything there is a Survival of the Fittest in a fight between two specimens, but for a species to have long term survival, it's Longterm Survival of the Mediocre, or that which is able to adapt and maintain a balance in their niche.

Darwin didn't invent evolution. It was accepted, but misunderstood science, long before Darwin. His grandfather believed in it. He's just the one who gave us the Natural Selection method. And even he didn't perfect it, since he didn't even know about genes, or cells, or how traits were passed on. All science after Darwin did nothing but confirm his findings.

I've lost you. I know. But that's okay. As you can see, this is more complicated than monkeys giving birth to human children. If you didn't follow what I just said, shut up about evolution. You're making a fool of yourself.

Know what you're talking about when you talk about evolution, or don't talk about evolution. That's all. Don't tell me that creatures need to just evolve you destroying their environment. Imagine if I took your kid, strung him up from the ceiling, and took a blowtorch to him. And when you screamed outrage, I'd just tell you it's his fault that he died because he didn't evolve to be able to withstand fire.

Everything I just said above about evolution should tell you why that would be stupid. And yet it's precisely the reasoning people give for why it's okay to destroy the planet, when idiots use evolution incorrectly as justification.

Trust me. I wish evolution weeded out the stupid. But it doesn't.