Saturday, July 13, 2013

Manifest a brain, Deepak junkies

Seriously have a major dislike for those people who take quantum physics and turn it into metaphysical mumbo jumbo, insisting that you can manifest whatever you want into reality and that science that says otherwise is "obsolete." Which is, of course, what Deepak does. Too bad we just don't understand their wizardry and are... you know... obsolete:

Deepak doesn't talk to me anymore. But John sure does. And proves, as I said, that the actual cyclical nature of the universe's expansion and contraction, as is the actual "Big Bang" theory, kinda ruins not only Creationist's notions that there was "nothing" before (the "hot dense state" of the universe's origin pre "bang" is hardly nothing, nor do they understand the powerful nature of what is perceived nothing in the first place... nor do we. But also, the idea there was no moment before that "bang" (which isn't a bang) is ludicrous. It's happening in cycles. There was a bang and a solidarity before this present one, and one before that. And one before that. And so on...

I actually do explain this in language easy enough for a Kardashian to understand.

 But does that work? Of course not.

It seems we've run into a cycle here. He probably thinks there were no tweets before the beginning of this tweet cycle. The arrogance to think there's no universe if there isn't a human to see it is just as absurd as the notion that the universe is created entirely for a human by some god thingie to rule over it. These people are nucking futs.

The notion that a cycle of expansion and contraction previous to the current one might have had moments in it... you know, time of its own... baffles him.

I despise the idea that people manifest reality. That nothing exists unless a human is there to make it happen. It means people manifest their own problems. Sounds cute until you are telling a woman she manifested her own rape. Then I have to stop you.

I'm not the only one. A lot of people are sick of quantum physics and ideas of the sort being twisted into this ridiculous get-rich-quick baloney. Like the humorously named Get Rich Slowly. Others share their stories of psychological damage done to them by this ridiculous nonsense.

But I can demonstrate this guy's nimrodry in simple tweet form, and successfully do so. He thinks there's any such thing as proven science, rather than not-yet-falsified science. Strike one. He thinks there's no moments in any other universal cycle other than the one he's in. Strike two. And let's see if he can manifest me into doing what he wants when challenge...

He can't me, and I can't him. And thus he's proven nothing, but that simple challenge's failure disproves him. Basically manifestation bullshit is the snake oil pitch that never shuts up. All the time in eternity, stretching from before now to afterwards, and yet any of it devoted to teaching that nonsense is time wasted.