Thursday, June 27, 2013

You can't make this stuff up

This. Really. Happened. The Family Research Council, headed by Brian Fischer (who has admitted to having homosexual desires but declared himself superior because he refuses to act on them) has decided that June 30th will be a day of prayer for America.

You know. America. Because it's going all gay and stuff.

The slogan? ON YOUR KNEES FOR AMERICA! And the logo? Well... it's not looking good:

Yeah. There's nothing dirty about that at all. Blow it up and it looks even better?

Everyone who wants to pray back against these people for America to actually be America, the land of the free... everyone being free... even those icky gay people? Here. Use this. It's the praying guy. On his knees. In rainbow. And notice how his mouth is wide open?

Yeah. Do it. FOR AMERICA!!!