Thursday, June 27, 2013

The one-right-way

An interesting question asked by the Richard Dawkins group:

My answer:

The idea in anybody's head, whether in a religious, political, or socioeconomical way, that there is one-right-way for people to live. 

Notice how every time someone thinks this, conveniently it's always theirs that's the one right way? This one single element, were it to disappear, would render religions benign and beautiful again, would free people to exploring new ways of life, and in no way would hender free thought. 

Despite the stupid arguments of people trying to make science/atheism "just as bad", science and atheism has never had a stake in trying to dictate a single right way for people to live, for ways to live is completely out of their purview. 

And this is not to say there aren't wrong ways to live. There are many right ways and many wrong ways. Just that one assumption gone, and people would stop acting as though you, living differently, is somehow a threat to them. That's the common element needing to disappear.

This is the answer give by author Daniel Quinn in the book Ishmael, and I think he hit the nail on the head.