Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gays are disturbed? Then leave them alone

Pastor Hagee thought he’d never have to tell us all about what the bible says about marriage. You know, because two adults loving each other for life must be absolutely based on the antithesis of their genitals. Otherwise they’re, as he said, “two disturbed people playing house.”

That’s my point too. They are disturbed. They want to live their lives together as should be their right, and to do it with the equality that others do it, but people keep disturbing their relationship with some shit about how an old archaic book says this and that as though it matters. Leave them alone. Let them be. Give them the equality they deserve as tax-paying, law abiding citizens of their country who love each other based on something far better than genital status.
Because the gays didn’t barge into your wedding to tell you it’s an abomination for your wife to marry a stupid nasty slugfaced sack of shit like John Hagee did they? No. They let her make the huge mistake that she now regrets every night when he gets randy and she has to pop two of Momma’s Little Helpers and imagine Jesus on the cross so that she can remember someone’s suffered far worse humiliation than she is.
Now THAT is a disturbing image.