Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Who you callin’ a Samaritan?!?!

Here’s something that annoys me greatly. If someone does something kind, people rush to label that person a “Good Samaritan.” It is revealing to just how mindlessly people act towards anything biblical. A Samaritan does a good deed, so anybody who does a good deed is a Samaritan.
Here’s why that’s stupid. Do you know what a Samaritan is? No? Then don’t use the word. If you are going to use a word, look it up first. Then use it properly, or not at all. The reason is that you’re actually making a rather stupid statement. Actually, you’re making an unintentionally racist statement.
The Good Samaritan statement is based on a parable of Jesus found in Luke 10:24-26, and is actually a story that has a racist bent to it. Samaritans are a different race than the Jews. When Jesus spoke, the Jewish people were very prejudice. So much so that they couldn’t believe any such horrible, filthy creature could possibly enter heaven or be in favor with God. So when the Pharisees were acting like rather big assholes, Jesus uses this parable to shame them, much like he did prostitutes and tax collectors and such. It boils down to, “Even this disgusting Samaritan person is better than you!” It’s kind of exploitative to say such a thing, but it shamed them, because these are two peoples whowere segregated in mutual hatred.
Imagine if a few hundred years from now, someone wrote a story about some filthy Mexican that did a good deed for someone when the holy church-going people were too selfish too. And so in the future people blindly recite a story about the Good Spic. Wouldn’t that be stupid?
Before you think Jesus is extending some kind of kindness on Samaritans, keep in mind that he excluded them from his ministry, and insulted their beliefs. Apparently they didn’t like him much either. So see? Samaritan doesn’t necessarily equal good. Although he did tell Peter not to kill them all. So I guess that’s going for them.
I’m going to be a good honky and apologize to all those of Mexican descent for the word I used earlier. I really don’t want to hurt the feelings of any beaners out there.