Thursday, April 10, 2014

You’re Abusing Your Wood, Young Christian

AssholeAboutIt Okay, that’s not meant to be as dirty as it sounds, but come on… how could I resist? I think it’s really sad when an atheist like me has to give todays Christian youth their lessons on how to be a better Christian. Case in point, this 17-year-old girl. I blame the parents. But basically, this is the normal pattern for Christians who love bashing atheists on the internet.

I give you, fundamentalist self-martyrdom at its finest. This is Bunny. Bunny doesn’t get atheism. She seems to think we believe we were hatched from eggs. Wanna know what makes Bunny even more of a crybaby? Atheists trying politely to help her understand:

Bunny 1

Bunny 2

Everything was polite. Until that hell-drop. And now it’s on, girl. It’s so very on.

Bunny 4

Bunny 3 

And now the real martyrdom-complex shows. Oh poor thing with what you’re “dealing with.”


Old people? There’s that good ol’ Christian value of respecting ones elders, I see. It’s too bad you’ve blocked us, because here’s me, giving you the exact slam you need to hear:

Bunny 6

Oompa Song