Monday, September 9, 2013

@DaveMarr6 – the creep that just keeps creeping

As you know my Twitter feed was littered with constant and increasingly stupid replies from @DaveMarr6, who replied to every… single… tweet… with increasingly stupid shit until I just had to block his stupid ass. After all, he made sure to find any and all other places on the web I inhabited and start his shit there too. I blocked him on Facebook pages, Google+ pages, and so forth, because he stalks like a true mother’s-basement-dwelling troll.

But blocking him doesn’t stop his name from appearing, especially in pop-up notifications on my browser everytime he tweets me. Anybody I interact with on Twitter suddenly starts being bothered by him so that I have to inform them not to bother with his crazy ass. I won’t see what he tweets, but I will see someone I’d just been talking to reply to something he had to add, because their tweet will contain his name as well, and clearly doesn’t involve anything I said:


I usually don’t care to look to see what it is that he is actually saying to people, like whatever he said to @e1ais here, which from what I could tell eventually made Big Sigh just give up on his stupid shit. But it’s clear, he finds allies in anybody that bombards me with rightwingtalkingpointbullshit (RWTPBS) or he harasses people who have actual brains and doesn’t swallow dogma. Last night I found myself bugged by someone named @ShortGo who clearly belongs on a #ShortBus, and this morning, guess what I saw…


Yep… there’s his name, highlighted right there so you can see @ShortGo had been contacted by @DaveMarr6, and now I’m in the middle of their new love affair. He really is the creep that keeps on creeping, and today I thought I’d go ahead and put that to the test… does he really reply to every single tweet I make? I figured I’d play with a hashtag that was trending, and boy was there a relevant one today…


So I came up with several of them, and now I’m going to go ahead and temporarily unblock him on Twitter to see how many of them he did reply to. Yeah, I’m actually writing this blog post without knowing the result. I may be setting myself up for an Al Capone’s vault situation here, like Geraldo did, but somehow I’m doubting it… here goes. I’ll take all my #TheBibleSays posts from today and then will add whatever he replied to, if any, on the right of them. Any of them he did not reply to you will see blank space to the right of them.

This is the first tweet I saw with this hashtag, and after I retweeted it, that’s when I first saw this pop up that he would, indeed, take the bait, as here @Ben_AntiChrist had to explain to him the very type of sarcasm Dave just can’t wrap his useless head around…


Here goes nothing…


Boy did somebody miss the whole actual point because he digs what he wants out and ignores the pivotal part where God tells the preachy people to seriously shut the fuck up… that all they’d said was false and wrong, etc. Oy…


Nobody cares, and no it is not.


Yeah, people just loved being in slavery that they just couldn’t help themselves. That’s why an exodus happened or something (except even that didn’t actually happen because the stories in the bible are bullshit).


Oh okay, so God had kids eaten by a bear. WTF??? Who gives a shit!!!


You gotta take that up to every single fundie who was challenged by whether they thought someone could really live in a whale, only to be told the bible really says “big fish”, as though THAT makes things better… because you just contradicted them. Oh my! More dogmatic contradiction! Why I nevah!


Just a hunch. Jesus told me. Yeah, that’s it.


Notice that’s the one he doesn’t reply to.


Sigh… as I’m about to say in another tweet, idiots kept in suspense.


Love the idiot, hate their dogmatic bullshit.


This from him visibly interjecting some stupid bullshit into my argument with @ShortGo about the United States NOT, NOT NOT NOT NOT being a motherfucking Christian nation founded on Christian values. It’s so fucking stupid that you have to still say that to these fuckballs.


Except it is constantly being corrected. By the fact we no longer see disease as caused by demons and we no longer view the world as created by some guy going, “Let there be a big ball of shit with little fucking things crawling on it.”


He’s too stupid to get a good Flintstone’s reference. Or he doesn’t blaspheme by acknowledging something that would’ve taken place more than 6,000 years ago. Take your pick.


Yeah, because it was okay once upon a time to make chicks ashamed of their bodies. That’s how a perfect god works.

Who……… GIVES…….. A……. SHIT?!?!?!?!?!?!

Stay down there, waiting, you fool… yeah… just keep waiting… no  no, we won’t tell you the time or day when someone who probably didn’t exist in the first place, and if he did he’s rotting in the goddamned ground like everyone else, comes back (because he can’t and he didn’t and he never will)… btw the word gullible isn’t in the dictionary. Did you know that?


Wait, you’re saying Darwin wasn’t a Christian hating God despising seething atheist socialist commie dictator fascist evil minion from hell, like so many fundies try to claim? I knew he wasn’t. But that’s also beyond any actual fucking point. He didn’t care a lick about his grandfather’s notions of evolution until long after his trip was over. But seriously, who gives a shit? It has nothing to do with anything to do with anything we give a shit about, you blithering idiot.


Nobody cares. It’s still crazy that an almighty being would be that obsessed with how your dick looks. It’s stupid. Anyone who doesn’t realize it’s stupid is stupid. And I’ll thank you and all other fuckers out there to leave kids’ dicks alone, thank you very much.

So that’s 16 out of 19 that he replied to. And the ones he didn’t were just because there was nothing for him to interject his #truth #fact #logic #context #bullshit into, by which he really means his #dogma #baloney #talkingpoints #brainwashing #borgqueenorders. When I went onto his page I found my name mentioned so many times, a content search for my username makes my Chrome explode. This guy is the fucking craziest of stalkers.

And what’s worse, as you could see by his explanations and replies, is that he has nothing to say that doesn’t extend FAAAAAAAAR into Whogivesashitland!!! Look at his comments and tell me that you give a flying fucking shit about anything he had to say! I sure don’t.

Where do they find me, and why can’t I have them spayed and neutered?