Saturday, August 10, 2013

Even sick, I can stand up to… this guy.

I got back from a camping trip last weekend only to come down with, I’m guessing, bronchitis. I’ve not felt funny enough to write more on the Moldy Bread, and I do apologize for that. However, I seemed to have no trouble standing up against possibly the dumbest sack of crap of a Twitter user ever to walk… @DaveMarr6


He’s a college kid and he’s fighting for our future, clearly from the pulpit, and he’s oh so full of #truth and #fact and #logic (because he puts the hashtages #truth, #fact, and #logic in EVERY damned thing he tweets. I think he seems convinced doing this will magically make his statements true. I’d encountered him before, but today he pops out of the blue because, he says, he just wanted to troll me the same way he imagines I trolled him. He even had someone break into the conversation to back him up. And… well… even that guy must’ve realized what a nimrod he is, because he backed away quickly.

The good news is, I got to use my Big Bang Theory graphic…… well, a few too many times actually. He popped in telling me how conservatism is right and liberals are wrong about everything… yes, even letting me know Communism (which I obviously am one I guess) has been tried and failed (and that’s not a mindless talking point at all). But no real facts or truth, and certainly no actual logic. What apparently made him come in was my post yesterday, listed at the top here. You’ll see how it plays in:

Sarcasm Eludes Him1

No shit, Sherlock. Along comes his accomplice:

Sarcasm Eludes Him2

I actually get to the point where I use nothing but pictures, because really… why waste effort? He accuses me of no argument, and I’m like, no kidding… I’ve yet to see any from you! Well, I use a graphic to say it…

Sarcasm Eludes Him3

Still no facts, truth, logic, or anything making any real impact whatsoever. There have been repeated displays of stupidity from his own part, however.

Finally I just sent him a pic of a penis and he blocked me. I gotta remember to do that more often on this type. But there is one thing he said that was correct:


And here I am. And why not? This kind of lunkheadedness has to be shown for all to see.