Saturday, June 8, 2013

It begins... the Moldy Bread falls like manna

As the Lord's Prayer says, "And give us each day our daily bread," which gives us the title of a publication handed out in many Christian churches, giving the sheeple a daily thing to read, a daily thing to think, and a daily thought that replaces any evil thoughts one might have naturally had otherwise.

And that's why I'm going to heckle the entire Bible. Using my usual red letter heckling method, I'll be making fun of every single part of the Bible, one chapter at a time, until I am done with the entire thing. Why? Because I'm an asshole. It says so on the banner above. Duh.

The Bible is old and outdated... so give us each day our moldy bread so we may laugh at it. I had this planned for awhile but on my previously owned technology it just wasn't going to work out. Only my desktop computer was dependable to make posts on a regular basis, and I was rarely home. With my new badass laptop, it begins.

That's right, I shall go through the entire Bible and heckle it, one chapter at a time, with each chapter being found easily on the Table of Contents pages found on the left column of any page of this blog. And the comments from Christians claiming to be persecuted, and the comments about how it's really the liberals like me that are intolerant, and the cries of victimhood start............ now.

I won't be answering such comments left, but I will enjoy each and every one of them like they're candy, of course.