Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Only in the Magnited States of Amurika … [a correction]

CORRECTED: The pastor who got the waitress fired did NOT get the waitress that waited on her fired. I was wrong about that. She showed the receipt to another waitress at that Applebee’s who then posted it on Reddit, and that’s the woman who was fired. This more detailed article is where I learned this.
That being said, it is also in this article I learned that pastor has published books (you know, so you can buy them and support her even more than just the offering plate, because she’s not at all someone Jesus would’ve whipped), and one of those books is laughingly called:

No doubt she’s turning the house of the Lord into a marketplace, she’s also a scam-artist by the sound of it. As my good friend, Don, said in his Facebook post:
Notice something here about the pastor. It’s her own “church”…..which means she donates 10% of her income to the “church”, which she can then write off her income taxes, while at the same time getting the income for her “church” which I’m sure she uses solely for the “church”…talk about a scam. And then she stiffs and gets fired someone who waited on her scamming christian ass…
Now I propose that those who are real Christians, go and fashion a whip and overturn tables at this woman’s ministry like Jesus did. You should, because Jesus said you must:
I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.
But the article says that Applebee’s did this out of respect for her “right to privacy” which doesn’t exist. In fact, if someone pays with a bad check, restaurants everywhere will put that person’s check on display to shame that person. Yelp lets people shame bad service. So why shouldn’t the waitress be able to shame a bitch-ass customer like this? We even hail people as heroes when they expose customers’ stupidity, as in the case of the Alamo Draughthouse of Austin, TX, who run this before their films to let people know NOT to text during the movie… which is BRILLIANT!!!