Thursday, March 21, 2013

THE BIBLE... brought to you by Trojan Condoms!

Those fiendishly funny people at The Soup had a rather amusing jest at this History Channel show, The Bible. You know, because the best way to make that book more relevant to people today is to turn it into a strange made-for-TV miniseries and put it on something laughingly called the History Channel:

I'm just giggling over the idea of who might sponsor such a show. Trojan Condoms? Chick-Fil-A? Maybe one of those ads where Jack in the Box visits his family and his dad suddenly opens the bathroom door saying it's been more than four hours so he should call a doctor? (You know, the hardon ad). 

And what I just learned is that this sorry sack of shit of a show actually cast a Satan that looks like our president. You know, because obviously Satan is black, right?

I agree with this graphic. I mean, wouldn't you find it silly if the stories of the Book of Mormon, the Qu'ran, or the story of Thor and Odin were treated as history? I think I'll go with what Letterman said on the matter: