Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I get emails from FAMBLA

Long ago, the Daily Show did a story about the American Family Association, aka the AFA, and their sales of a light-up cross in their website's market. It was an absurd product that you have to be a complete moron to sell and not realize the disgusting implications of cross burning KKK similarities:

Jon Stewart hilariously refered to the Family Ass-hole-ciation as FAMBLA. I have called them such ever since. 

The AFA, in case you didn't know, is pretty much the Westboro Baptist Church slightly more widespread. No, they don't hold God Hates Fags signs at a veteran's funerals, but their entire purpose is to hate on liberals, non-christians, and especially, homosexuals. Oh, and sometimes they talk about Jesus and family too, just because. And the beautiful thing is, you can get them to send you email.

I get their email. I will start laughing at their shit here on a regular basis, and giving it the Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment. I will interject my own thoughts in the middle of their stupid shit, and like their Jebus, my words will be in red letters so you know where I'm speaking.

Today's email was a list of BREAKING NEWS!!! stories, at the top of which is... sigh... this headline:

Why do liberals get a pass on defining rape?

During this last election cycle we were inundated from the liberal media about how conservatives were terrible with the way they talk about rape.

I guess I didn't realize that liberals get a "pass" on anything involving rape at all. I kinda think maybe it's just smarter to listen to the side that says they must keep their rape babies or be re-raped if they think about having the rape babies removed from them. The link leads you here where you can read this:

During this last election cycle we were inundated from the liberal media about how conservatives were terrible with the way they talk about rape. Funny, I was inundated by the corporate media about how conservatives were terrible when they spoke about rape. If even corporate media can't excuse their stupid statements, then maybe... they need to shut up?

Where is the outrage when liberals do the same? Show me where they do the same, and I will be outraged. Yesterday we noted, here, a democrat who thinks women should turn in their guns for whistles when being raped. He is saying this because guns are often used against women even though they belong to the woman. The woman being raped needs help from outside, not a deadly weapon in reach of the rapist. This in no way is the same as the Republicans saying that women turn off their reproductive systems magically when being raped so that if they're pregnant, they're lying about being raped, etc. I was trying to be outraged for you, but sorry, I just could not.

And a similar story, here, from a liberal university. Again, not trying to tell people guns are the answer. Saying to do anything to fight back, and giving some ideas (scream, vomit, fake a disease) of things to do to fight back, is hardly the same as telling women that they have no right to decide what happens to their own bodies, that their rape babies are a gift, and that if they think they want to not raise that "gift"* they have to be re-raped by the government with a trans-vaginal ultrasound.

Now, hear outspoken liberal Bob Beckel and how he defines rape...  

And then this video:

And finally asks: 

So I ask again why do liberals get a pass?

First, FAMBLA, let me just tell you that you don't get to choose a weird moment with a cherry-picked liberal on a FoxNews show as being indicitive of liberals. Second, in no way in this video did he define rape. He made an idiotic statement about whether rape happens on campus. He is not getting a pass from me on that. And third, can you escape the FoxNews bubble for even a second so as to find a real moment of a liberal coming even remotely close to something like Republicans?

And finally, a quick impression of you: rape, rape, liberals, Democrats, Obama's coming for your guns, liberal media, Jesus saves. Do you people ever actually talk about families at all? I'm gonna keep up with you, FAMBLA, and I'm going to do this often, always with the tag... #fambla

*Notice how I had to put "quotes" around the word "gift" twice in this article, for different reasons.
These people have a seriously twisted idea on what constitutes a gift.